Exhibition Rules

The club wishes to set a high standard for its exhibition and also achieve a good standard of presentation for the artwork that is on display. Members wishing to exhibit their paintings are therefore requested to observe the following requirements, which are aimed at achieving these aims.


  1. Eligibility: The art exhibition is open to current members of the Frome Valley Art Group who have paid
    the Annual Membership Fee.
  2. Paintings: Must be the artist’s own work and be ready for hanging. The title, artist’s name and price should be shown on the back of each framed painting. Unframed pictures will be accepted for display
    providing they are suitable for hanging. No digital artwork is permitted. While the club endeavours to
    take care of artwork, the club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage during the exhibition.
    Members are advised to organise their own insurance (SAA has free insurance for its members).
  3. Entry Fee: The entry fee is £1 per painting, with a maximum of 5 exhibits per member. The maximum
    dimensions of paintings are 760mm x 610mm (36”x24”). Oversize entries up to a maximum of 915mm x
    915mm (36”x36”) may be submitted but will count as 2 entries, i.e. will cost £2. Members wishing to
    exhibit their paintings must complete an entry form with each painting’s title, the frame size and the
    medium used.
  4. Standard of Presentation: To maintain a good standard of presentation at the exhibition paintings
    must be suitably mounted and/or framed. To avoid embarrassment members are requested NOT to
    submit damaged or hand-painted frames. Please do not use wire for hanging.
  5. Price: The club does not stipulate an upper or lower price limit for artwork but members are strongly
    advised to observe the following guidelines:
    • The club recommends a minimum price of £15 for artwork, which makes a contribution to the
    member’s framing costs but does not reflect cost of materials or the effort spent by the artist.
    • A 15% commission will be deducted from entry fees and donated to the club’s chosen charity for the
    year as decided by the club’s committee on suggestions by members.
  6. Number of Entries: The number of entries will be limited and accepted on a ‘first come, first served’
    basis. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their entry form is submitted before the closing
    date. If insufficient entries are received the Exhibition Coordinator at his/her discretion may increase
    the number of paintings permitted by each member to try to ensure a full display is achieved.
  7. Handing-In Arrangements: Members’ paintings for the exhibition should be handed-in between
    12pm and 2pm on the Friday of the start of the exhibition, a numbered receipt will be issued.
    Members unable to make these times should make prior arrangements with the Exhibition Coordinator.
  8. Collection of Artwork: Members’ unsold paintings will be available for collection between 4.30pm and
    5.30pm on the Sunday at the end of the exhibition (the last day). Members unable to make these times
    should make prior arrangements with the Exhibition Coordinator. Any paintings that are sold during the
    exhibition will be taken away at the time of purchase by the buyer.
  9. Unframed Artwork: A small-unsupervised area will be set aside for unframed, original paintings.
    Members may submit one un-framed painting for each painting they entered in the main exhibition.
    These will only be accepted in watercolour, acrylic, pencil or pen & wash and must be presented in a
    mount inside a clear plastic sleeve with a label; showing the artist’s name, title and price required. We
    recommend a minimum of £10 for the unframed paintings.
Dave Betty – Exhibition Rules as at March 2022