Minutes of the SAA Frome Valley Art Group Committee Meeting on Friday 9th Sept 2022 at the Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne at 2.30pm

Andrew Alsop, Chair, welcomed Susan Phelps, David Betty, Eric Date, Sylvia Dyer, Rebecca Rees and Lesley Sharman. Apologies were accepted from Vathsala Gunawardena.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Under matters arising the question of the Programme printing/requirement was raised. Most members felt that a slimmed down version would be useful at the Exhibition and for those members who required a hard copy. The web site would provide online information and Sylvia offered to produce a mock up for us to approve later.

Eric covered most aspects of the exhibition and highlighted improvements in the system, as taking pictures once they were sold, which added to the smooth running of a very successful event. Andrew thanked Eric for organising yet again. Eric will ask Sue Dean if she would oversee the catering.

Susan Phelps distributed the financial statement with a bank balance of £4,373.50. It was agreed that we needed to keep at least £3,000 as a minimum amount to secure the club’s future. Subscriptions would stay at £25 per term and the balance remain the same due to ever increasing charges on all fronts. The situation will then be reviewed.

Lesley reported on an increase of fees for prominent artists for demonstrations. This is to be balanced with less expensive artist who are local alongside in house workshops that generate a small income, Dave’s Watercolour workshop in November and a paint-along with Catherine Beale which is self-funding.  Membership numbers are steady with a few new interested people.

Sylvia reported on positive feed back about the web site and suggested widening its possibilities to selling paintings online. She will outline her plans and put it to the members at the AGM. It was suggested that we pay £36 for a year’s subscription to obtain a domain name which will be advert free and easier for those searching the web. It was agreed that the domain name should include the word Winterbourne and Art to enable a quick Google search.

Dave was happy to carry on producing the newsletter and a trip to the International Watercolour Artists at Lilleshall in 2024 was suggested. Andrew thanked and congratulated Dave on his award with the SAA.

All those present were asked by Andrew if they were prepared to stand on the committee for another year. A few members may be asked to join to spread the workload.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 3.05pm

Lesley Sharman                                                                                                       


Treasurer’s Report Accounting Year  2021-2022

Receipts and Payments from 3/09/2021-24/06/2022

Subs.                             £3880
Exhibition (26th).         £2960.82
Demos/workshop.     £1602
SalesCD/easel.            £17.50
Donation from sales. £23.45
Raffle donation.          £148
Visitor.                           £5
Transfer from cash.     £100
Echo return fee.           £84
Total.                              £8820.77

Rent( +photocopying )  £2819.80
Exhibition                      £2986.14
(includes donation of £1500 to Ukraine Red Cross)
Demos etc.                    £1745
Stationery/printing.    £47.00
Insurance.                     £137
Echo advert.                  £84
Refreshments.               £19.74
Cash.                                £58.10
Sumup charges.             £33.87
Art supplies.                   £44.86

Total.                               £7928.51

Surplus for the year.    £892.26
Cash in hand.                 £128-65
Bank balance.(1/08/22) NatWest current account £4373.50
Accounts examined by Beth Kislingbury

Susan Phelps Treasurer   
12th Sept 2022                              

Minutes of the Annual G Meeting of SAA Frome Valley Group held at the Greenfield Centre, Winterbourne on Friday 24th September 2021 at 3.30pm

Andrew Allsop, Chair, welcomed the members.

Apologies were sent from Des Colechin, Susan Phelps, Susan Dean, Gill Cater, Sue Griffiths, Sandra Dolan, Sally Barton, Julie Wyatt, Beccy Rees, Margaret Latham, Panna Patel, Marguerite Bourne, Juliana Crew, Janet Preston and Heather Morgan.

Minutes of the last Annual Meeting, sent by email, were agreed to be a true record.


Andrew Allsop gave an amusing Chair’s Report, highlighting the tasks involved for Covid compliancy. Overall numbers are up due to an influx of new members after the very successful Exhibition.

He thanked Lesley Sharman for drawing up the programme and developing beginners’ groups.

David Betty continued to post his monthly newsletter for which the club is grateful.

He thanked Andrew for continuing to act as Treasurer but looks towards younger members to take over this role.

The WhatsApp Group set up by Lesley has proved a useful tool for communication and organising.

He thanked Eric Date for preparing and organising our 25th Annual Exhibition which proved incredibly successful, and we were able to donate £1000.00 to the Southmead Research into Long Covid.

He thanked all the members for their continued support.

Andrew then gave his Treasurer’s Report which had been emailed to all members. This was passed and agreed, the proposer was Gill Parker and seconded by Lesley Sharman. Andrew was thanked for his tireless work.

Eric Date reported on the Exhibition and highlighted certain changes that will be repeated next year. He thanked all his helpers but especially Vat. The placement of the display boards worked better for a flow of traffic and the buying of paintings and taking away on the same day worked well as any spaces were filled by reserve paintings. The idea of a card machine for purchases was suggested.

The Programme Secretary, Lesley Sharman, reported on the great success of WhatsApp during lock downs for keeping members enthused and active with sketching groups. The addition of social media advertising by Rebecca Rees had added awareness of the club and its activities to younger age groups. Local artists will visit in October and November and the year is planned,

The election of Officers for 2021-2022 was held by Dave Betty.

Chair                 Andrew Allsop,  proposed by Jenny Ford, seconded by Gill Clarke.

Treasurer           Andrew Allsop, proposed by Lesley Sharman, seconded by Sylvia Dyer.

Exhibition          Eric Date, proposed by Andrew Allsop, seconded by Val Gunn.

Programme Secretary   Lesley Sharman, proposed by Sue Knapp, seconded by Sue Punton.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 4.05pm