How to Submit to Artist of the Month

Any member may submit up to a maximum of 6 paintings they wish to highlight or offer for sale. This will appear on the website for a month, after which it will be replaced. Artists will appear on a first come, first served basis.

An example of how the AofM page will look is live on the Members Section of the website.

For each painting the following is required:

  • A good quality straight-edged photo, preferably without glass. Please ensure the photo is not angled away from you.
  • Title of painting
  • Medium/s used
  • Surface painted on
  • Size
  • Whether offered framed or unframed or mounted
  • Price and whether this includes p&p or if that is extra
  • Your email address. NOTE: your email address will not appear on the website.

To take part, email the above info with photos as attachments to Sylvia Dyer (email: who will load onto the website. Please also include a short bio about yourself, for example: why you paint, what inspires you, how long you have been painting etc, why you like our art group.

If a customer is interested in purchasing a painting or requires further details, they will use the contact form on the page. This will be monitored by Sylvia, who will first check out the inquirer to avoid scammers etc, before passing details on to the relevant artist. It is then up to the artist to make contact with the buyer direct as a private sale and the art group will play no further part in these negotiations. It is also up to the artist to ensure paintings are framed and strung correctly.

Good luck.