Exhibition 2022 News


May 2022


The Annual Exhibition was held over three days from May 13th to 15th with over 200 visitors viewing the paintings over the weekend. It was gratifying to see many children and young people accompanying their parents and grandparents, with animal portraits being viewed with awe and wonder! The Preview Evening was well attended both by members and partners, as well as “retired” former members, all of whom were in good health.

Some of the guests who had bought paintings at the last exhibition were joined by others who had supported the group in numerous ways during the year.

The amount of wine and soft drinks consumed was well below our normal consumption and the drink left over will go in the End of Summer Party Punch.

Over 200 pictures were on display, out of which 40 framed were sold, and 12 unframed from the specially made display racks. This total was far and away the largest number of purchases for several years, and reflected the increasingly high standard of work on display. Picture sales realised over £1,700.00. There were fewer paintings “not for sale”, and members kept prices fairly low in keeping with recent years.

The Raffle raised a staggering £300.00 with paintings donated by Catherine Beale and Tom Hughes. Both paintings were claimed by members or regular visitors.

Donations amounted to £245.00 – this is expected to increase before the end of the summer session.

Refreshments throughout Saturday and Sunday raised nearly £100.00. Having refreshments in the hall added to the convivial atmosphere, which was helped by the wonderful homemade cakes and biscuits baked by members. A big thank you to all who helped on refreshments, your devotion was very much appreciated.

A great deal of thanks must go to all those members who helped steward the exhibition. Although there were times when hardly anyone came through the doors, we did have one of the busiest weekends for several years. The excellent attendance can, in many ways, be credited to the advertising that went on social media. Thanks to those “technocrats” for putting Frome Valley in the forefront of FaceBook and other websites.

Many many thanks must go to Eric who organises and manages the setting up of the exhibition. His personal approach persuading members to enter their work, and setting out the timetable all ensures that the exhibition runs smoothly, and on time.  We must also give a big thanks to Lesley whose planning and organising the programme ensures that members have a varied and artistically challenging year in convivial company.

Finally, thank you Susan for taking on the role of treasurer and moving us into the twenty-first century. 

Thank you for your continued support, good humour and inspiring art.

Hon Chair
May 2022

And… From the Archives: The Exhibitions of 2001 and 2002

What was “HOT” twenty years ago?
Nearly ALL the members contributed to the two exhibitions, with 72 taking
part in 2001 and 63 the following year. There were 235 paintings in the first
year and 223 the next. In 2001 sales raised £2,220.00 and the following year

The Archive has a relative Who’s Who of notable long-serving members. In
2001 Mary Spicer sold (as usual) all five of her works, with prices ranging
between £45 and £60. A relatively young Paul Weaver sold three of his early
paintings for £230.00 each. How much will they be worth now? Or perhaps
his “Greenfield Period” is not fetching so much these days.
Note that in 2002 Paul did not sell any paintings!

Pete London exhibited four paintings in each year, but none were bought.
Gill Parker, Byron Constable and Joe Hyams found customers hard to come
by each year. Eric Date sold his “Black Rock Cottage for £25.00 in 2001. Roger
Lamont sold a painting each year for the princely sum of £25.00. He has
displayed outstanding paintings in every exhibition since.

Nothing changes much when looking at prices at Frome Valley.

Gordon Wise came good in 2002 with two paintings bought, as did Heather
Morgan. Her batik pictures were a real bargain then. Dave Betty appeared in
2005 with two paintings! One of the more intriguing entries in 2001 were
two paintings entitled “Lovers on Nightingale Bridge” and “ Stone Masons on
Nightingale Bridge”. Did they know one another? Were they related? Ask
Brin Drew, if he can remember.

What have we discovered when looking through the archives? Well the
number of NFS paintings is always around 10% of the paintings on display.
Prices today are in the lower range of what was asked for twenty years ago.

Around 35% of paintings were bought by people with the same surname as
the artist, or by a near neighbour.

What is clear that over the past quarter of a century Frome Valley has been
instrumental in many fine works of art adorning the walls of homes in
Winterbourne and the wider community

Enjoy your painting and be immensely proud of your achievements.

December 2021

A big thank you from the team to all of you who helped to make our 25th exhibition such a success.

We were unsure how it would work out but you provided paintings, help and support in buckets!

Covid restriction meant we had to do things a little differently this year but some of the changes were positive and we would appreciate any comments from you so that we can work towards next year’s exhibition.

The provisional figures from Andrew show

We had at least 164 visitors
Entry fees from members
Framed paintings sold


So the charity [Southmead Research into Long Covid] will get at least £787. More donations are coming in.

The raffle had to be held without too many people present and was drawn by Panna’s daughter and son-in-law. Fortunately, all were local winners.

What a result. Thanks again for all your hard work, oh yes we also pulled in 6 new potential members with another 4 starting in September. Onwards and upwards!