Artist of the Month

Our Artist of the Month for March 2023 is the talented LOUISE BURN-JONES

Of her painting, Louise says:

“I have always loved drawing and studied art at A’ Level.  I’ve done various projects since, such as designing wedding invitations for friends and I’ve painted a mural.  When I found myself with more free time a few years ago I started taking art lessons and learnt how to really paint at Tracy Butler’s Love Art classes under the tutelage of Alex Small.  Doing classes really opened up my world in terms of choice of subject, medium and method.  I particularly enjoyed studying some of the techniques of the great artists and having a ‘go’ at copying a masterpiece – like Vermeer, Turner, Monet, Van Gogh and one of my favourites – Henry Moore’s sheep pen and ink drawings.

I’ve completed some work in oils and watercolour but have really enjoyed the versatility of acrylic paint.  I love painting wildlife in its natural environment and the interplay between soft focus and fine detail, very much influenced by photography.  I like to experiment with using different brush strokes and application of paint to suggest different textures.

It has been a pleasure to meet like-minded artists at Frome Valley Art Club.  We swap ideas, have regular workshops and artist demonstrations – and socialise a bit too!  

My latest challenge is taking part in the Severn Vale Art Trail where I will be exhibiting many pieces of work.”

Unfortunately, the paintings shown here are currently not for sale but are excellent examples of the superb work Louise produces. Hopefully, some of these and others of her paintings will be on show at our annual art exhibition over the weekend of 13th & 14th May 2023.

(acrylics on stretched canvas 50x40cm)
(acrylics on stretched canvas 40x 30cm)
(acrylics on stretched canvas 40x40cm)
“View Towards Malvern”
(acrylics on stretched canvas 40x40cm)
(acrylics on stretched canvas 40x50cm)
“Patrick Stewart”
(acrylics on canvas board 42x29cm)

All discussions, further contact and any contract of sale is strictly between the artist and purchaser. Neither Frome Valley Art Group, Winterbourne nor the SAA play any further part hereafter and accept no responsibility for any misrepresentation, loss, or damages should they occur. All images are subject to copyright.

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